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About Us

Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) is the first State-owned and non-affiliating university of Nepal, established in accordance with the Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) Bill enacted by the Parliament in 2010. Accordingly, the constituent campuses of Tribhuvan University - the Agriculture Campus at Rampur (Institute of Agriculture and Animal Sciences - IAAS) and the Forestry Campus (Institute of Forestry - IOF) at Hetauda together with Dean's Office IAAS Rampur were merged, and Agriculture and Forestry University was established in Rampur, Chitwan.

The university aims at producing skilled and competent human resources required to promote education, research and development in agriculture, livestock, veterinary science, fisheries, forestry, rural social sciences, and allied disciplines in agriculture. It also aims at contributing to all-round development of agriculture, livestock and forestry which would raise the socio-economic conditions of rural people through quality teaching, research and extension.

At present, the University has a total of 1077 faculties and 255 support staffs. The current university strength consists of around 1161 undergraduate students, 378 postgraduate students and around 50 Ph.D scholars in different disciplines of Agriculture, Livestock. Fisheries and Forestry. The Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Animal Science, Veterinary Science and Fisheries academic and farm complex at Rampur extends over an area of 280 ha and Faculty of Forestry at Hetauda has an area of 95 ha. The faculty members of the university are involved in different research and developmental activities focusing various issues related to agricultural and forestry. The postgraduate students are contributing thesis and dissertation researches to generate knowledge and technologies to address the issues of agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and forestry in the nation.

AFU, established as per the Land Grant Model focuses on providing a broad segment of the population with a practical education that is directly related to their daily lives through its three major functions: teaching: research: and extension whereas university has also developed its 10-year Strategic Plan and the Master Plan to materialize the vision and mission into long term action.