Center for Biotechnology is one of the strong wings of AFU. The main function of this center is to carry out academics, research and extension programs in the field of biotechnology. It is functioning in all related discipline of agriculture, livestock, veterinary, fisheries and forestry sectors.The center aims to produce highly competent human resource in the field of biotechnology at national and international level. The center was established to carry out academic and research programs in the field of agriculture, animal and forest biotechnology.

Faculty Members

    1. Ishwori Prasad Kadariya (PhD), Director
    2. Himal Luitel (B.V.Sc. & A.H., MSc, PhD)
    3. Umanath Sharma (MSc)-Study leave for PhD

Support Staffs

    1. Rajendra Prasad Pandit, Senior Lab Boy
    2. Biswa Raj Dawadi, Laboratory Technician
    3. Sharada Pandit