Workshop Philosophy and Design

The international workshop and trainingis organized and executed under the umbrella of the JLU, Giessen, Germany and AFU, Chitwan, Nepal. Mountain Medicine Society Nepal (MMSN) will be co-organizer.

Approx. 60 attendees (students, medical doctors and young professionals) from Nepal will learn modern and contemporary techniques needed for the science of the 21st century, such as various methodologies covering non-invasive assessments of the cardiopulmonary system (echocardiography), right heart catheterization and other in vivo physiological methods in small animal models, and finally the proper tissue collection procedures and histological measurement of pulmonary vascular remodeling and right heart hypertrophy. Attendees will be selected by the AFU faculty.

Significant portion of the lectures will also focus on some important basic knowledge of the molecular mechanisms and pathogenesis of different pulmonary hypertension (PH) forms. In addition to the theoretical part of the workshop, all participants will be separated into smaller groups and trained practically to perform hemodynamics in animal models, such as mice and rats. Usage of animals for the training was approved by the ethics committee of the AFU, Chitwan, Nepal.

Furthermore, the basic histology and morphometry will be also practically taught. Finally, experts in the field will present recent clinical data and clinical classification of PH.

At the end, some lectures will be given with regard to the available epidemiological registries about existence and distribution of the PVDs and potential treatment information in Nepal.