Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University (JAFU)

Journal of Agriculture and Forestry University | Volume 1 - 2017 || Wednesday, September 13, 2017
PDF icon Table of Content230 KB
PDF icon Plant breeding in Nepal: Past, Present and Future | B. K. Joshi1.87 MB
PDF icon Changed gender roles and rural agricultural system | D. Devkota and K. N. Pyakuryal217.57 KB
PDF icon Impacts of group organic certification of coffee on socio-economic and environmental sustainability in Nepal | R. R. Kattel307.57 KB
PDF icon Value chain analysis of orthodox tea: Evidence from Ilam district of Nepal. | K. B. Adhikari417.73 KB
PDF icon Need based nitrogen management in hybrid and improved rice varieties under dry direct seeded condition | P. Subedi208.41 KB
PDF icon Varietal screening of rice against leaf folder, caseworm and grasshopper damage under field condition in Chitwan | R. Regmi.547.02 KB
PDF icon Ecological weed management practices and seed bed preparation in sub-humid condition of Chitwan, Nepal | S. Marahatta339.39 KB
PDF icon Effects of biochar applicaton on soil properties and production of radish on loamy sand soil | S. Timilsina231.05 KB
PDF icon Morphometry of the female reproductive organs of the Murrah cross buffaloes in Chitwan, Nepal | B. Devkota and A. K. Singh203.15 KB
PDF icon Recent case flow pattern in Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan, Nepal | G. Gautam474.92 KB
PDF icon Fodder productivity of Teosinte at different sowing dates in western mid-hills of Nepal | N.R. Devkota567.55 KB
PDF icon Diversity and marketing of dried fish products in Nepal | N. Pradhan, M.K. Shrestha, S. Rai, D.K. Jha, and S. K. Sah989.55 KB
PDF icon Prevalence of porcine cysticercosis and its associated factors in Kathmandu valley, Nepal | R. Chaulagain190.26 KB
PDF icon Hatchery hygiene mapping based on microbial load assessment in Chitwan, Nepal | R. K. Bhattarai200.85 KB
PDF icon Ranking of fodder tree species and their biomass production in the hills and mountain of Nepal | S. Upreti and N. R. Devkota177.72 KB
PDF icon Evaluation of egg laying and egg quality parameters of local chicken sakini (Gallus gallus domesticus) of Nepal | S. Sapkota185.63 KB