Activities of IBS - 2017

15 Nov. 2017

Registration procedure of the grand event "International Buffalo Symposium 2017" was started from 10:00 am at Hotel Jungle Crown, Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal. This registartion process continued until 6:00 pm. A total of 190 delegates, out of which of 85 foreign delegates and 105 national delegates registered for IBS2017.

At 3:00 pm, the inagural session started. The session was chaired by chairperson of the organizing committee Prof. Dr. Sharada Thapaliaya. Hon'able Vice-Chancellor of Agriculture and Forestry University Prof. Dr. I. P. Dhakal chaired the session as chief guest. Dr. Bimal Kumar Nirmal (Director General of Dept. of Livestock Services), Prof. Dr. Manaraj Kolakchhapati (Registrar of AFU), Dr Inderjeet Singh (Organizing Secretary of 9th ABC and President of Asian Buffalo Association), Prof. Dr. Antonio Borghese (General Secretary of International Buffalo Federation), Dr. V Padmakumar (Regional Coordinator/Asia, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems), Prof Dr. Naba Raj Devkota (Advisor of the IBS2017 and Director, DOREX/AFU), Dr Purna Bahadur Chhetri (Senior Agriculture Specialist, World Bank Nepal), Prof Dr Nasim Ahmad (Pro-Vice Chancellor of UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan), Mr. Narayan Ban (Mayor of Ratnagar Municipality) were the special guests to chiar the dash of inagural session.

Formal reception to the Chief Guest and Special Guests were performed by the chairperson of the ceremony. The chief guests and special guests enlighted the"Inagural Ceremony Light" with core wishes of successful completion of the event.

All the national delegates and participants were warmly welcomed by the organizing committee, during the inagural session. The special guests and chief guests gave their precious speech on objectives, highlights and wishes for successful completion of the three day's international program organized in Nepal.

Five Thematic papers were presented as highlights on the inagural session:

1. "Objectives and highlights of IBS2017" by Dr. Bhuminand Devkota, Organizing secretary and coordinator, Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal

2. "Partnerships and Way Forward" by Nanda P Joshi, advisor of the IBS2017 and Director of International Programs, Department of Animal Science, Michigan State University.

3. "Strategy to enhance the production and productivity of buffaloes for the growth of livestock gross domestic production (LGDP) of Nepal" by Bimal K Nirmal, advisor of the IBS2017 and Director General of Directorate of Livestock Services, MoLD

4. "Value chain analysis and dairy development in Nepal" by Satish Joshi, Professor of Michigan State University.

5. "Livestock ownership, animal source foods consumption, and maternal and child nutrition outcomes in Nepal: findings from the 2014 PoSHAN community survey" by Robin Shrestha, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition, Tufts University.

At the end of the inagural session, the chairperson handover "Token of Momento" to the special guests and cheif guest. As sepcial moment, Dr. Daniel Grooms, Chair of Large Animal Clinical Science, MSU handover "Momento of Friendship" from MSU to Hon'able VC of AFU - Prof. I. P. Dhakal.

At the end of the session, registrat of AFU Prof. Dr. M. R. Kolakchhapati offered "Vote of Thanks" to all the particpants, delegates, guests and chief guest.

With this golden moments, the inagural session formally ended and afterward the evening hour get facilitated with "Reception Dinner".