NVSA activities

NVSA farewell (April 29)

- World Rabies Day Celebration (sept 28)

- Anti-FMD vaccination (January 8)

- World TB Day

- World Veterinary Day celebration

- NVSA Cup Football Tournament (Ashwin firstweek)

- Dog Health Campaign (Bhadra 1)



Blue Cross volume 16 launching program:- (Bhadra 5)

Inter College Veterinary Quiz competition: (shrawan 25)

Technical writing training:

           -Article writing (shrawan 10)

           - Data collection and data analysis training (shrawan 15)




Nepal Veterinary Students Association (NVSA) 20th committee has 17 enthusiastic members dedicated to veterinary education and veterinary profession.


By the unanimous decision we came to plan the yearly planning of NVSA and executive committee to make the tenure of our committee worthful.

1.     NVSA Grand farewell and Cultural Exchange Program

We will be conducting farewell program to our BVSC& AH 2nd  batch seniors on ashad 16 with the full support of FAVF.

2.     NVSA Inter College Veterinary Quiz competition

We will be organizing veterinary quiz competition among all veterinary colleges throughout the nation dated Shrawan 25. It is the way of academic excellence in our profession.

3.     Article writing, data collection & analysis training

Article writing is one of the basic knowledges and skill for veterinary students. So, we will be organizing article writing, data collection & analysis training on shrawan 15 in collaboration with NVA and FAVF.


4.     Stray dog Health Campaign

We will be treating the dogs of college periphery and the stray dogs dated Bhadra 1. The technicians will be provided by Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust as well as the initiatives from students. The improvement of kennel club of VTH, Rampur will be done. A week long treatment and neutering program will continue as animal care unit.

5.     Blue Cross Launching Program

We will be launching out annual bulletin of Blue Cross on  15th Bhadra. It is the continuation of our publication and its previous volume.


6.     NVSA Cup Football & Cricket Tournament

With the motive to enhance ECA and fitness of students NVSA organizes NVSA Cup Football & Cricket Tournament on yearly basis.