Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Forestry of Agriculture and Forestry University. As the Dean, it is my privilege to join a warm and welcoming community of professionals with a sincere commitment to Natural Resource Management.

There has never been a more immediate and pressing need for natural resource professionals than now. This generation of professionals entering the workplace must find ways to sustainable use of natural resources at the grass-root level – truly one of the world’s greatest challenges.

We take a high nose that we are successful in terms of enrollment of our first product (Masters in Forestry) in the policy influential positions at national level in 2016. About 90% of our college graduates secured their jobs in their field of study.

As researchers, we work collaboratively with our faculty members to link critical research questions to community-based issues, drawing on diverse methodologies and disciplines and bridging knowledge to local communities. Our contribution to forest research, theory, policy and practice is highly recognized at international and national levels as an outcome of our active and accomplished faculty.

Our faculty members care deeply about teaching and mentoring our students, providing powerful educational experiences in a range of settings. Our staff work in coordination with faculty and students to support our goals and advance our work. With a distinctive 95ha forest, our students gain practical experience by actively testing their knowledge in real world settings. We feel pride to be one of a handful of institutionsin the nation that actually feature a “Learning by Doing” system comprising a variety of course related case studies and field visits.

As the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry, I feel honored to lead this great professional community. I am passionate about the intellectual energy and scholarly productivity generated by our faculty and students, our traditions as well as our future. Nurture Nature, Nurture Ourselves. That’s the motto we live by.I look forward to you joining our scholarly, productive and nurturing community at the Faculty of Forestry, Agriculture and Forestry University.