Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) is the first technical university of Nepal established by the Agriculture and Forestry University Act 2010. The central office of the university is located at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. The university aims to conduct teaching, research, and extension activities in the field of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture, Forestry, and Socio-economics. Research, development, and innovation activities in the sector have to be formalized in the international level. Ethical issues in the above disciplines are serious, and fundamental issues related to customs and moral values of the public. Ethics relies on determining right and judicious activities and guided by moral principles existing in society. It is guided by the concept of human and animal right, social and professional responsibilities, and beyond. In social and biological researches, it is concerned with the activities proposed in the research is ethical or not. It is primarily concerned with safeguarding the interest of researchers and aims to promote their rights, dignity, values, and responsibilities. To address these issues, the AFU has developed Institutional Review Board (IRB) and its guidelines.