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The development of Biotechnology is embracing almost every facet of human civilization. All the developed as well as developing countries have adopted Biotechnology in a very short span of time which has created unique opportunities not only for the exploitation of biological systems for the benefit of mankind but also for undertaking research to explore the fundamental life processes.

Center for Biotechnology, Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) is going to organize a two-days National Conference on Biotechnology, 28-29 June, 2017 (14-15 Asar, 2074) covering the broader themes of policy frameworks and applications at Bharatpur Garden Resort, Bharatpur, Chitwan. The event marks the 8th birthday of the AFU. The conference aims to bring together Biotech policy makers, professionals, researchers and students at a national platform and update the research progresses made on topics covering fundamental genetics to applied biotechnology. Also, highlight imminent issues impeding Biotechnology research and development in Nepal. Guest speakers are invited from various research, academic institutions and industries of Nepal. The conference thematic areas include but are not limited to agricultural, livestock & veterinary, forest and medical biotechnology. It is anticipated that around 100 scientists and professionals, including students in the fields of biotechnology and allied sciences, will attend the conference.

The conference will provide you:

  • A national platform for the exchange of ideas and networking with leading biotechnologist and policy makers of Nepal.
  • Opportunity for presenting research activities and salient findings, and new avenues of biotech research and partnership in Nepal.
  • The conference will feature student's thematic art exhibition and poster competition sessions.
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