Nepal Veterinary Students Association (NVSA), Rampur, a sister organization of Nepal Veterinary Association (NVA), established in 1993 A.D. (2050 B.S.) at Faculty of Animal Science, Veterinary Science & Fisheries, Agriculture & Forestry University. It is non-political, non-profit oriented, technical organization established with the motive of binding common interests of veterinary students in Nepal. We believe in Professional integrity, Technical expertise, Dissemination of ideas, Financial transparency, Science for better living, Co-ordination and co-operation between students, professionals, teachers and AFU administration. It is 22nd Executive Committee of NVSA Rampur running currently under the presidency of Mr. Utsav Dhakal for the tenure 2021/22.


Research & Extension Committee (RECOM) & BLUE CROSS Committee are two wings of NVSA Rampur working under the executive committee for the betterment & accomplishment of objectives of the association. Currently, RECOM committee is led by the RECOM Coordinator, Ms. Mamata Pokhrel & the BLUE CROSS Committee is led by the Editor -in- Chief, Mr. Kham Bdr. Khatri, under the 22nd Executive committee of NVSA Rampur for the tenure 2021/22.

RECOM Committee has an active role to involve students in practical oriented activities in order to enhance their basic & additional skills. Making the veterinary students to learn through the basic veterinary related programs, seminars, workshop, community works, trainings, communication & extension works, webinar & other ways is the main motto of RECOM. Furthermore, RECOM has an active role to make involvement of students & related stakeholders in basic experiment & research oriented activities that can finally be the root for implementation in the livestock community.

BLUE CROSS Committee works for the publishing the only annual journal of Veterinary Science from students level, the yearly BLUE CROSS Journal. There has been total of 16 volume of BLUE CROSS journals already published by the previous committee. The current BLUECROSS Committee under 22nd Executive Committee is working for publishing 17th Volume of the Journal. The BLUE CROSS Journal contains different innovation & research articles, case study & findings, review articles, short communication & other innovative creations by the students, teachers, researchers & veterinary stakeholders. Furthermore, the BLUE CROSS also has an active to involve students in developing their communication & comprehensive writing skills, researching methods, ways of writing review, research, & other kind articles via conducting various trainings & workshop.

Besides these, the executive committee of NVSA Rampur also advocate & ensure academic activities to run smoothly via cooperation with university administration & faculty. We also work to build networking among Nepal Veterinary Association, Nepal Veterinary Council & the students stakeholders to make easy accomplishment of goals for betterment of education quality. More information about activities of NVSA Rampur can be found at the “Events & Activities” section.

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